Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Author Spotlight: Andrea DiGiglio

Andrea is one of my favorite people in this world, I had the pleasure of meeting her a few months back. She's witty, snarky, funny, and just all around amazing. Her book Finding Alice is one of those rare books that you'll want to read again and again. I think I've read it 3 times lol. The book comes out February 19th, buy it, read it, love it!
Excerpt from the book:

The air smelled like fruit. I rubbed my eyes, attempting to see. I looked at the sky; it bounced with
shades of purple, red, and dark gray. It was gorgeous and I was obviously dreaming. I walked through
this large, empty field, feeling the warmth of the day on my skin slowly evaporate. I could hear what
sounded like voices coming from the dark woods in front of me on the other side of this amber field.
It’s a dream. It’s safe to check it out. I walked toward the blackness and trees, glancing back at the field
behind me that was well-lit from the sun setting. I stood on the edge of the woods line, debating my
entrance and my sanity at that particular moment. “It’s not real,” I said to reassure myself. I entered the
woods, cautiously at first. The voices grew loud enough that I could almost make out what they were
saying, but there were so many, the words were tangling together. My head began to ache and I turned

to run back, but I couldn’t figure out which way was back any longer. I picked up the pace until the
voices were roaring in my head. I started into a full-on sprint, running through the darkness and barely
able to see a foot in front of me, trusting myself not to run straight into a tree.
“Alice,” a voice called. I stopped dead in my tracks. “Alice.”
That one voice was calming and felt safe. I found the direction the voice was coming from and ran
straight toward it. I felt the warmth on the back of my neck. It was not the same as before. This felt
haunting. Concentrating, I singled in on one voice in particular. “Keep going,” he said. I was moving
so steadfastly, I felt as if I was floating through the air. My feet came to a dead halt when the smell
of sand and freshwater climbed up my nose. I made it. I looked out to the water and saw the most
beautiful thing I had ever seen in my entire life. I stared in amazement as the moon beamed off of his
toned torso, so elegant. In one glorious flex, these incredible charcoal wings escaped his back. I gasped
in complete silence but he didn’t even notice me. They extended at least five feet in each direction.
Each feather twitched as if they were filled with electricity.
“Cole? You’re so beautiful,” I heard myself say. He turned to me, his eyes piercing almost into my
soul. I closed my eyes and breathed in his scent deeply.
I opened my eyes and focused in on the ceiling through the darkness. Part of me was relieved it was
a dream. The other part of me was yearning for it to have been real. I rubbed my head in frustration and
reached out in a full body stretch. My arms flopped to my sides; I dragged them back up to my pillow
and felt the softest touch against my skin. My eyes fully adjusted to the darkness and searched the
space around me. My entire bed was now covered in gray-toned feathers.
“Holy shit.” I twirled my hands through them and fell back asleep.

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I'm so excited, I get to do a giveaway for an ebook copy of the book!!!

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  1. Great post Jessi. I excited to check out your new novel Andrea.

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