Thursday, January 26, 2012

Marked, or whatever the new name will be

After I got my official rejection letter from the publisher, I took a giant step back and really evaluated my work. I think it's good, but I want it to be great. My plan is to add in another 20k words or so, and develop the relationships between the characters more. I'm renaming it, and I'll be doing a whole new cover. The first time around, I went with an illustrated cover because that was the vision I had in my head. I limited the market that would want to read my book, almost handicapping myself. I love the cover I had, its a work of art, one that I will probably have made into a poster and hang in my office, but I need to appeal to a broader market. If you have read the book before, it's going to be different enough that you will enjoy reading it a second time. I'm considering doing a contest for naming it, but, I haven't quite made up my mind. Leave me a comment if that would be something you all would be interested in down the road.

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