Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Love & Blood Release

It's here!! It's finally here!! The re release of Love & Blood! I'm so dang excited! I decided about six months ago that I wanted to revise the story, and at first I was scared. I wrote the book in my first year of writing, so I knew there would be a lot of things to change. What I hadn't anticipated was how much I would enjoy doing it. I fell in love with the story all over again, and I saw the characters in a new light. So, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

He was her death and she had loved him for it. 

Bronwyn Fitzgibbons had run from her maker for twenty years, but he had found her again. Seeing Ronan brought back all the reasons she shouldn't love him, but also all the reasons she should. 

Bronwyn is caught between Ronan her maker and the one who unchained her darkness, and Rider the vampire who had saved her and fed her humanity. Her heart will be torn apart in loving them both. Can she fight against her darkness or will it consume her? 

Lines will be drawn. Battles will be fought. Who will claim her soul in the end?

Grab yours today!!

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Monday, September 19, 2016

What I never knew I needed.

So a while back, I'm talking 4-5 years ago, I became 2 people. I was me, the author, and me, the online event planner. Truth be told, more people knew me as the Release Day Diva haha. It was such a fun time in my life too, always different. I met so many amazing people and overall had so much fun.

But then, as things do, things shifted. Events weren't as fun to plan and host, and my personal life became more complicated with fertility treatments and being a mom to a young child. So I hung up my event planning hat. And for a while, I hung up my author hat too. Writing stopped being fun. It became the job I felt like I had to do and no longer wanted to.

I took almost a full year off and just enjoyed being me. The mom, and the wife. I laughed with friends, read tons of amazing books, and just got to be for a while. Then something happened....I realized I missed my little book family. I missed the camaraderie of writing with others. Mostly, I missed cheering my fellow authors on from the sidelines, or next to them in the trenches.

So, I decided to start up my writing boot camps again. In my head it would be a fun way to dip my toe back into the whole crazy writing world again. So I did just that. I opened the page back up, and ran a few week long boot camps. Those ladies brought me back to life, no lie. Cheering them on, and seeing them succeed, it brought me to life again. So Kim, Tiffany, and Belinda, I thank you for that!!

What now? What did I do now that I had the desire to start writing again? I'll tell you! I gave myself permission to write what I wanted, and not chase the "hot genre" anymore. I'm sure you can imagine how stressful it can be to always be looking at the charts and seeing what's hitting. It's no way to live!

That's what I've been doing, writing for me. And I've had more fun in the last 4 months than I've had in years! My advice to any of you is to follow your passion. If your passion is Contemporary Romance, write it! PNR? Write it!! Readers will feel it in your pages, I promise!!

Ok, so now a little bit more about the boot camps....I had to figure out what I was going to do with it all, so I became an author coach! What does that mean? Well, in a nutshell it means I'm here to help. I still offer the boot camps, but now I offer more intensive coaching. This is where you get daily one on one help. I help you set up a realistic schedule and motivate you to stick to it. I give advice on plot issues and flow, and later on who to use for editing and fomatting as well as promo.

I never realized what being a cheerleader meant to me, until I stopped doing it. Never again will I do that. I challenge you all to find that in your life, the one thing you would be miserable without. Once you know what it is, your job is to nurture it.