Monday, December 10, 2012

This is my life....

The months have flown by since I began this journey over a year ago. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my book would be featured on the same list as Charlaine Harris. I'm absolutely floored by the response I've gotten for Mark of the Witch. Thank you to everyone who has bought the book and to everyone who has shared with people how much they liked it.

The launch of Chasing the Witch was a huge success! People have already been telling me how much they loved it and bugging me for book 3. I'm so happy that people love Jilly, William, and Caroline as much as I love writing them. What's funny is that Caroline wasn't really supposed to be a main character, but everyone said they wanted more of her, so I gave her a bigger part in book 2. I have some ideas for how the series will end in the next book already, it's just finding the time to sit and write it.

Love and Blood will have it's official launch on the 18th, but it's already for sale on Amazon! I'll be having a fun event with games and prizes, so please stop by and hang out. Blood Lust, the short story that is a prequel to Love and Blood is also available and is on its way to being free on Amazon, it's currently free on Smashwords. There is a sneak peek at Blood and Sacrifice at the end of Love and Blood, and I'm going to reveal the cover for it at the event.

I have a few new projects in the works, and I'll share bits and pieces of them as soon as I can. Thanks for being such awesome fans!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oberon Design

 Oberon Design 1

Review from Identity Discovery: Recently I came across a company that creates Artisan Leather and Pewter products, in particular they make Kindle Covers. Ok ok. They make much more than that, but this was the item I was looking for when I stumbled across them. Oberon Design was created in 1972, but has a very long history with the artistic growth of Brendan Smith. He started sewing leather by hand with a thread and needle and gradually moved his way up through a basic sewing machine and an aging industrial quality machine.

Beginning in the 1990’s Oberon Design became a vital and well recognized part of the handmade, craft revival in the United States, participating in elite juried venues such as American Craft Council or ACC shows and Buyers Market of American Craft, joining the ranks of the most highly recognized craftsmen and women in the U.S. In 1999, Oberon Design further expanded to include a pewter casting shop that produces the hand cast buttons seen on most Oberon leather covers. As well as being the lead leather designer, Brendan also works in 3-D rendering programs to create the Oberon Design line of gorgeous pewter jewelry, hair accessories and gift items.

At Oberon we’re proud of the fact that the design and casting of our pewter line and all our leather work is done "in house." This combined with our source for domestically tanned leather, use of local and domestic businesses for resources such as non-toxic glues and dyes, thread, zippers, and other items used in our leather and pewter processes, in house production of catalogs and websites, make Oberon Design what it is today, a good old fashioned, hands on, hard working American company.
~Borrowed from

Oberon Design 2

Well you might be asking yourself why I am writing about this company. I have been given the opportunity to review one of their fabulous eReader covers. I picked out the Wild Rose Kindle Cover for my Kindle Fire HD. I love roses and felt that this cover was a good interpretation of me. We all love to customize/personalize our things, so I decided to cover my kindle with roses. The image above is the exact absolutely fabulous cover that I received along with an awesome pewter rose charm that I can use on anything else I want.

The leather of the cover is strong and thick. It's very durable. They use a special burning process that creates a more natural feel and less of a coated surface. Also this is not a painted leather. It does not feel like it will change colors from use or even time. Rather the leather is permanently red which I would say will be the same case for any color you choose. This was created by their drum-dyed process that allows the leather to completely soak up the color. If you get a scuff, it will not change colors. After you hold it while reading, it will still be the color of your choice even with the oils from your body soaking into it. The inside of the cover has a pocket where you can store the extra bungees they supply you with as well as a small selection of papers. If something goes wrong with your product, they have replacement parts available.

Oberon Design 3

Oberon Design 4
My kindle fits in it nice and snug. I feel confident that it is not going anywhere and is safely secured in its new home. I love my new cover! It is so fantastic! I highly recommend taking a look at their site to find a cover for your eReader (yes they have Nook, Kindle, iPad, iPad mini, etc.). While there, figure out which one you want to win! You read that right!

Win an eReader cover of your choice right here! All you have to do is enter below. Thank you to the wonderful bloggers that are helping me to promote this giveaway: My Crafty Life, SnifferWalk, Taking Time For Mommy, e-Reading on the Cheap, Matter of Cents, Adventures of a Frugal Mom, Living at the Whitehead's Zoo, Andi Reviews With a Girl and Her Kindle, This Author's Life, and Kim Carmichael Novels.