Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chasing the Witch has a whole new look

After the events of Mark of the Witch, Jilly at last begins to breathe easier though her

powers are still growing. But can she harness them in time to confront a new chain of
events that threatens to change everything?

Caroline has finally accepted her life as a witch, but when a stranger comes into her life
she's forced to question her family loyalty.

The sisters are thrown together to protect a young girl from the enemy determined to hunt
her down. Can they save her -- and themselves?

Amazon on sale for only .99!!

Author Bio:
Jessica Gibson is a recovering bookaholic, she's down from four books a week to a more reasonable one. It was that love of words and creativity that made her dream about writing her first book. That
dream was hidden for years, always put on the back burner, filed away in the "someday" section, until her husband Matt gave her the kick in the pants she needed to actually get off her butt and write.
Jessica and Matt live in Southern California and have a serious addiction to reality tv shows like Pawn Stars and American Restoration. They have one son and hope to add to the family in thenear future.
Aside from writing, she runs an online event planning business called the Release Day Diva. In addition to novels, Jessica writes and maintains the blog Book on the Bright Side. Keep up with Jessica and her latest releases and events on her blog.

Book Blog :

Twiter: @jessicajgibson

Be sure to pick up book 1 as well. Mark of the Witch is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords

Friday, March 15, 2013

Firewall cover reveal

Firewall (book 2 No Uncertain Logic Series) by C.G. Powell

“I hate to cut things short, but the sooner we get down to business the better. I’ve made

arrangements for a transport to take us to the Atlantis which is sitting in the Meranna Sea.”

Before Sarik could finish, Jael interrupted, “When did you move the ship?”

“Shortly after you left for Ibis Prime. Orion felt he needed to keep an eye on me once

Aphrodite arrived, so he sent a team to assist the move closer to the capital city.” He looked to

Neria and Aphrodite. “Ladies, if you will follow me. I will take you to the transport.”

They walked to a smaller docking area where a transporter ship was awaiting them.

Neria’s bags were already on board, as was Captain Ross.

Sarik raised one brow. “How did you get here so quick?”

Captain Ross cleared his throat and rolled his eyes towards the cockpit where Tal sat.

“I thought you didn’t trust mist traveling?” Sarik laughed.

“It took a while to get used to, but it has its benefits if you can get past the nausea and the

whole cellular disintegration reassembly thing.”

Sarik nudged the captain with his elbow. “Are you sure it has nothing to do with

quantum entanglement with a certain Jinn?”

Speechless, Captain Ross’ reddened face spoke volumes. He excused himself and joined

Tal in the cockpit.

Looping her arm in Sarik’s, Jael frowned and continued towards the passenger area of the

transport. “Why do you tease the poor Captain? I think it quaint that he has taken a liking to Tal

even if she doesn’t return his affections.”

“What kind of friend would I be, if I didn’t acknowledge his obvious fondness?”

“Do you really want me entertain your question with an answer?”

“No, not really.”

Over the intercom the captain’s voice boomed, “Good morning, this is your captain.

Today’s flight should be a clear shot to the Meranna Sea area. We have favorable atmospheric

conditions and low level winds upon approach. Our estimated arrival is 14:80 standard atomic

time, that’s half-past lunch for those of you who still struggle with the local atomic conversion.”

Jael, Salima, and Aphrodite all turned and looked at Sarik.

Pursed lipped, Sarik stood and yelled toward the cockpit. “Okay, you win. Now get us

the hell out of here.”

Coming Summer 2013!!!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mark of the Witch got a facelift!

Magic flows through Jillian Proctor's veins as surely as blood, but so far her life outside Boston has been peaceful. William Morgan blows into Jilly's life like a hurricane, unleashing her magic and sending her out of control. Unknowingly, William brings an enemy who only wants to posses the power of the witch. Jilly must learn to harness her magic before she loses it - and everything in her life is destroyed.

Look! Mark of the Witch got a facelift! I love the new cover done by Stephanie Nelson of Once Upon a Time Covers!!! I love it so much, what do you guys think???

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


So, I finished Haunted U! was a weight on me, I loved the story, but it felt like I just couldn't finish it. I handed it off to my amazing publisher/editor over at Hayson, and now I feel like I can finally breathe for a bit....well, until the edits come back lol. So now, I have to prioritize, what book should I be working on next? My thought is to get Blood and Sacrifice done since its a novella and will take less time to write, but I really don't know lol. I'm also dying to write my first contemporary romance, so we'll see which one wins out.

I decided to do something I never thought I would.....write a non-fiction book. I'm going to share all of my experiences with fertility, or my lack of it. So far its been interesting, and very cathartic. Its a bit nerve wracking because its so personal, and what if people hate it or rip it apart in reviews? I guess for me I need to write it, even if it never sees the light of day, I need to finish it.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


FAN-tastic Author Jessica Gibson Party Giveaway! {ends 3/8} html

Join us for this weeks FAN-tastic Author Jessica Gibson Party Giveaway!

We are having a 3 month long celebration of one of our favorite authors:
Jessica Gibson!
To view the event click here
We are doing loads of contests, giveaways and games so don't miss it.
This week we are giving away a great swag pack from Jessi's books.
Ok so here's the way you enter.
Make a poster promoting Jessi's book. To view all of her books click here on her Amazon author page.
A poster example:
love and blood blood lust poster
Then post your poster in the event page as your entry.
On March 8th the winner will be chosen out of all the entries on the event page.
Good luck! I can't wait to see what you come up with!