Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Upcoming paranormal project

I started trying to write a book with an author friend of mine, but something else came out instead. It's going to be a vampire book, but not YA at all. I'm not entirely sure where it's going yet, but here's a sneak peak at the beginning.

Nineteen year old Bronwyn Fitzgibbons stood in the corner of a bar that she had lied her way into. Her long blond hair hung behind her like a cape, and her blue eyes sparkled in the dim light. This was definitely not the kind of place her mother would approve of, so she was more than thrilled she had gotten in. She had heard rumors that more than just tough guys came here, and was curious to see if that was true. She saw him almost immediately from across the room, and almost screamed when he materialized next to her. “Hello there, “ he said in a sexy irish accent. Bronwyn felt her knees go weak, she had always had a thing for irish accents. Her parents were from Ireland, and she had grown up around the accent. “Hi.” she said softly. “This is not the safest place for one such as yourself.” He said. Bronwyn shrugged and stuck out her chin defiantly, daring him to make her leave. He chuckled, and Bronwyn found herself enjoying the rich sound of it. “I’m old enough to be here.” “I doubt that, but I was referring to the fact that you are a human.” Her eyes widened for a fraction of a second before a smile lit her face. “So I guess the rumors about this place are true then.” He nodded, “You should not make a habit of coming here, not everyone is as civilized as I am.” Bronwyn studied him, “What’s your name?” He smiled, revealing his fangs, “my name is Ronan.” “So you’re a vampire then?” She said. “I am. How old are you young one?” Bronwyn thought for a moment before replying, “I’m nineteen” Ronan laughed again, “I knew you weren’t old enough to be in here. Would you like to take a walk with me?” She nodded yes even though her brain was screaming at her to say no. Ronan took her hand and led her through the smoky bar and out the back door. As soon as they were outside, he picked her up and ran. Bronwyn could barely breathe, they were going too fast. She wanted to scream, but the sound wouldn’t come out of her. After a few minutes he slowed down and set her down. She stumbled back a few steps and looked around, he had brought her to the beach. “Where are we?” She asked shakily. “Malibu.” He replied. “I thought a walk on the beach would be better than the grimy streets of Hollywood.” He looked sheepish. Bronwyn smiled, “This is much better thank you.” He took her hand in his and led her down to the water. They walked for what felt like hours, talking about her life and his when he would answer a question of hers. She looked down at her watch, “Oh, it’s four in the morning, my mom’s going to kill me, I need to get home.” Ronan smiled at her, “I don’t think you’ll need to worry about that anymore.” “What...?” Before she could get out the rest of her sentence, Ronan had his fangs to her neck. She felt the pinch of him breaking her skin, and then it was pure bliss. She could feel herself losing consciousness, floating along on a river of sensation. He finally pulled away, “ don’t sleep yet young Bronwyn, there will be plenty of time for that during your transition. Drink now my sweet.” He shoved something wet and sticky against her mouth. She cautiously licked it and then latched on drinking in big gulps of his essence. He finally tore his arm away from her. “That’s enough for now.” He said. Bronwyn pouted for a moment, “What happens now?” Ronan smiled, “Anything we want.” He helped her to her feet and they were off in a blur.

Ok, so I know it's not much, and I do have more written, but I can't give everything away can I? What do you think?

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  1. Oooh I love it so far!!! more more! lol

    Great start Jessi!