Saturday, April 21, 2012

My life this past month...

I've been writing. When I say that, I mean really writing, like a ton of writing. I've gotten a good start on book 3 in the Boston Witches series, plus I started a new vampire book. Oh, and a friend and I are writing a book together. So yeah, I've been writing a lot. Plus, throw in working here and there on a few other books I have on the back burner, and then editing for myself and others. This has been a mentally taxing month and it's not even over with.

Everything is still totally on track for Mark of the Witch to come out in June. Hooray for that, deadlines are always stressful, even when we set them for ourselves. I just want everyone to love what I put out, so it needs to be perfect. I already put out something that was less than perfect before, so I think I might be a little paranoid about it happening again.

During this busy month, I've still found time to read some amazing books. I finally just read  The Hunger Games (yes I know I'm way behind the times) I liked it, but I think I expected more from it since everyone raved about it. I'll most likely read the rest of the series when my tbr pile gets a lot smaller.

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