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Dana Rongione guest post

We're joined today by author Dana Rongione, she's going to give us a bit of a look into her mind :)

I recently came across an intriguing question on a writer's forum. The question was this: If you could travel back in time to one year ago, what advice would you give yourself? For several minutes, I read through the answers others had posted. Some were profound while others were downright silly. But try as I might, I couldn't settle on just one thing for my own answer. A whirlwind of thoughts swirled about in my brain, causing me to think back over the past year.
Obviously, the first thing that popped into my head was my myriad of struggles in trying to "take my place" in the world of writing. I thought of the things I'd tried, the things that failed and the successes I had achieved. I re-lived my constant fretting that my writing would never bring in enough money to contribute to my household. In contrast, I felt joy as I pictured myself propped up on the couch with my laptop in front of me and soft music playing in the background. Yes, the many ups and downs of the writer's life bubbled to the surface. But then the scene changed.
I saw myself on my knees in the middle of the woods, my hands covered in blood. My shepherd mix, Mitch, lay on the ground, panting hard and struggling to lick at the red liquid gushing from his front paw. In just an instant, I had been transported back to one of my life's greatest nightmares. . . only I wasn't dreaming.
During a routine hiking trip with my two dogs, Mitch had wandered off into the woods for a moment and come back to the trail gushing blood. Alone and miles from home, I found myself in a panic like I had never known. I wrapped the foot as best I could with the limited supplies I had on hand and hoisted the dogs into the truck. I met my husband at the nearest veterinary clinic where they determined Mitch would indeed need stitches. If that had been the end, it would have been enough for me, but alas, there was much more to come.
Mitch's recovery did not go well, and during the following couple of months, he had to have two more surgeries to close the tear. Because of the placement of the injury, it was imperative that he move around as little as possible. . . not an easy task for a hyperactive dog. And so, my days were filled with fear, bandages, blood and battles to "calm the beast". My heart beats faster just re-living that seemingly endless nightmare.
By studying and comparing the two memories that surfaced so quickly and clearly in my mind, I was finally able to answer the question of what advice I would give to myself. I wish I could say it was original or earth-shattering, but I'm afraid it's rather dull. Nevertheless, it's the advice I feel I would need.
Stop worrying about everything. You don't have to have all the answers. You don't need to know what tomorrow holds. Just do what you know the Lord wants you to do, and leave the results up to Him. He is the One in control. Don't fret about how you're going to get to where you want to be. Just make sure you're taking daily steps in the right direction.
So what about you? If you could go back in time and see the "self" of a year ago, what advice would you give?

Wow Dana, great advice!!! I think I would tell my self from last year to slow down and enjoy life. What about you guys???

Dana Rongione:
Hi! My name is Dana Rongione.
that's a mouthful.) I live in
SC with my husband, Jason, and
Tippy and Mitch.

Having been a Christian for
years, I know what it is like to
both joy in the journey and
well-doing. Currently self-
a writer and speaker, I struggle
other Christians) to balance the
work, family, church, health, chores, etc.

I enjoy all types of writing, but my true joy lies in writing devotionals that will encourage
and uplift the weak and weary Christian. This blog, A Word Fitly Spoken, is currently read in
over 15 different countries, allowing me the opportunity to spread the message of hope and
joy throughout the world. I also have another blog, Song of the Day, that offers the truth of
the Word in song.

I currently have three published devotionals and numerous articles in magazines and
e-zines across the country. I am available to speak at local ladies' meetings or writers'
workshops. You can find out more about me and my ministry by visiting my website at

Publisher: A Word Fitly Spoken Press
Genre: Middle-grade Mystery
Release Date: March 2012

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