Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shadowed Magic (The enlightened species)

Eros Sicarius, a reclusive Volaticus assassin, is confused by the modern world and his
attraction to Aymee, the beautiful, sexually confident human woman who ignites his
desire. Saving her from would be rapists puts him in the position of taking care of her
while she heals, and he further learns how her inner strength, love of life and humor
enchant him.

Just when Aymee decides that all men are jackasses and completely writes off any dream
of happily ever after, Eros, her secret crush, comes to her rescue. Falling head over heels
for the deadliest assassin in the world might not be the smartest idea, but she can't help
how she feels.

Will he cherish her love or break her heart?


Aymee nodded even though he still refused to look at her. “I’ve been attacked. There

were four of them. I … I knocked out three but one of them … got away.” She gave the

911 dispatcher her location and snapped the phone closed on the nasal voice asking her

more questions. Eros peered at her from the corner of his eye, a streak of silver between

long, nearly black lashes. “They’re on their way.” She lifted her hand to cover her breast


Eros stood back from the wall. Finally. If her heels were intact, she might reach his

chin, but without them, her eyes met the middle of his chest. Aymee looked down.

Eros easily stood six five. Bulky thighs filled the slack of his jeans, deep ripples

defined his stomach and guided her eyes to his heavy pecs. He handed her the shirt. “Put

this on.” Aymee noticed he looked aside while she shrugged into it and did up a few

snaps in the middle. Then he met her gaze. His dentes had yet to retract. “I cannot appear

human right now, Aymee. I will shadow when the police arrive but know that I am with

you.” He started to shimmer.

Aymee touched his arm before he vanished. “Wait. Why were you hurting? If you

need blood, please … take mine.” She’d never offered blood to anyone before. Knew

the Volaticus organized the Red Cross to acquire their blood needs and give back to

humanity at the same time.

Eros solidified, looked from her hand on his arm to the upturned wrist of her other

arm. He sighed. “I don’t need blood, Aymee. And, I wasn’t hurt." He gently brushed

the back of his knuckles over the bruise on her cheek. "I couldn’t look on your pain and

maintain my control at the same time. If I had seen this,” his thumb followed the trail his

knuckles had just taken, “I would have torn these men apart limb by limb, fed on their

entrails and pissed on their bones.”

Aymee felt his light touch all the way to her soul. Heat blossomed at the point of

contact and radiated through her bloodstream. “That would have been okay with me.”

She leaned into his touch only to pull back with a yelp as pain registered.

Approaching sirens had her looking over her shoulder to see the flash of blue and red

getting brighter against the wall. She turned back to Eros, but he was gone. Then she felt

the light brush of his knuckles on her cheek again.

“I can’t explain this,” Aymee took a deep breath and shrugged out of his shirt

unconcerned that he could see her breast. She held it out and watched it disappear the

second it transferred from her hand to his. Covering herself with her hand again, she

turned, lifted her chin and walked awkwardly toward the officers exiting their cruiser at

the entrance to the alley.

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  1. Very nice blog...great content.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by :) It's nice to meet you too.

  2. The book THREADS WEST looks quite good.

    Going to check it out.

    1. I happen to have 1 extra copy of that book in my possession left over from a contests I ran. It's yours if you want it.