Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Roxy Burroughs interview

Roxy Burroughs has been kind enough to stop by the blog and answer some questions for us.

Roxy Boroughs and A STRANGER'S KISS, part of the Bandit Creek Books series.

Thanks for inviting me to talk to you today!

1. Tell us how this story came about?

A group of fellow writers met, started talking about the excitement surrounding indie
publishing, and the idea of Bandit Creek was born. More than 30 authors are writing
stories set in our fictional town of Bandit Creek Montana and, even more unique, the
novellas encompass all your favorite genres. If you like historical romances, we've got
those. If you read erotica, Bandit Creek's got that, too. There's even a children's book.
Like we say, "Everything Happens in Bandit Creek." Two new novellas debut every
month. You can check out all the titles here: http://banditcreekbooks.com/

As for my story, I'd always planned to write a follow-up book to my romantic suspense
novel A STRANGER'S TOUCH so the Bandit Creek project seemed like the perfect

In TOUCH I introduce Sam Hutchinson, a lawyer, who's falsely accused of his son's
murder. In KISS I pair him with Amy Tesher, a heroine who is also damaged but has
grown strong for the sake of her daughter, an eleven-year-old who is able to see the
ghost of Sam's son. But it's Amy who holds the key to Sam's redemption and, when they
get together, it's hot! Oh, and did I mention there's a serial killer on the loose?

You can find A STRANGER'S KISS here http://amzn.to/zQEUNU on Amazon.

2. Tell us something people would be surprised to find out?

I'm pretty much a what-ya-see-is-what-ya-get kinda girl. However, several years ago,
some audience members saw much more of me than usual. It was back in my acting
days and I appeared in a play…topless. I think there's even some video footage of it
floating around somewhere. Maybe it'll end up on YouTube. Yikes!

3. What genre do you read? Who is your favorite author?

I read just about anything, but I'm generally drawn to thrillers and deep psychological
stories. And I relish writers who are able to incorporate humor in the midst of all that
angst. My current favorites are Joy Fielding, Nicci French, Lee Child, and J. R. Ward.
I've also discovered some great new authors thanks to the Bandit Creek series.

4. How did you get started writing?

With of my acting/theater background, I started writing plays. And still do. From there, I
gravitated to novels.

5. What’s next for you?

My latest book is a complete departure from A STRANGER'S KISS. It's a joint project
with the multi-talented Steena Holmes. She wrote the very popular HOT FOR COWBOY
and I've followed it up with CRAZY FOR COWBOY, which is a lighthearted romantic
comedy. You can see my complete list of books at www.roxyboroughs.com.

SAM HUTCHINSON was once motivated
by power and money. But after his son's
murder, he alternates between losing himself
in a bottle of scotch and researching James
Ryan Morley, the still-at-large killer of the
boy Sam never had time for in life. Broken
and desperate, Sam traces Morley’s roots to
Bandit Creek, Montana and an addict who
once sheltered him.

There, against a serene mountain backdrop,
he finds the woman’s resourceful daughter,
AMY TESHER, and her eleven-year-old
child, Renee. Lies are Amy’s camouflage—her age, her name, even the identity of
her child’s father—all fabricated to escape the secrets of her past.

Unaware of Sam’s real mission, she takes him into her boarding house. Just as
Morley returns to take possession of Amy...and her daughter.

About the Author:

Before turning her attentions to
writing, Roxy appeared in several
TV commercials and movies. She
writes interactive murder-mysteries
for Pegasus Performances, had a
prize-winning short story produced
by CBC and published in Alberta
Anthology, and co-authored the
book Ghost Stories of Heritage Park
, on sale at the popular historical
village in Calgary, Alberta.

The novella A Stranger's Kiss is the
stand-alone sequel to her book A
Stranger's Touch, winner of The
Writer's Voice Award.


  1. Roxy! YouTube - uh oh LOL.
    Love your books, can't wait to read more.

  2. Topless, Roxy? Now I'm wondering if it was on purpose or by accident. LOL! Congratulations on your recent releases!

  3. Bandit Creek...what a great idea!

    ROFL on the topless role and worrying it will appear on U-Tube! Many years ago I streaked...but it was in the middle of the night!

  4. Ha. Your story reminds me of my friend who, during a game of truth or dare at a large party, admitted to riding topless in a convertible down Main St. while in high school. The guys at the party were very intrigued!! She has a story about meeting Bill Clinton, too! Not that kind!

  5. Hi Kymber, Sheila, Sally and Carly. Thanks for stopping by. Glad to know I'm not the only one who put my assets on display.