Thursday, May 2, 2013

What's to come

Blood and Sacrifice is 3k from being done!!! I know I had said March, but life isn't perfect lol. The book took a whole different turn on me as I was writing. A lot of things I was not prepared for came about. I kind of love when that happens though, its just as fun for me as it is for you all to see the story unfold.

Be ready for some craziness!!

As soon as I get Blood and Sacrifice off to the editor, I can fully start focusing on Dressed in White!! I have almost 2 chapter written on that one. I love Linney, the main character, she is a lot of fun. I think you guys will enjoy it. Its my first foray into Contemporary Romance and also in writing in first person. The cover has been inspiring me to come up with plot fact I saw the picture of the bride and came up with the story around it. The amazing Stephanie Nelson of Once Upon a Time Covers did it for me...well she's now done all my covers lol. So bear with me as I try and keep myself focused.

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