Monday, June 11, 2012

Mayan Lover by Wendy S Hales

Escaping the brutality of her past and following
in her father's archaeological footsteps, Gwen Kramer's love of Mayan
civilization uncovers more than artifacts when an ancient myth walks into her present, very real … and extremely sexy. Giving love a second chance isn't Gwen's greatest challenge, just her greatest fear.
Arka's destiny as Journeyer for the gods takes him on a 2600 year passage to find the Moon Goddess who's walked in his dreams
since childhood. However, the shock at finding her clad in khaki shorts, hiking boots and covered in dirt is nothing compared to the one he receives when his true destiny is revealed.
When past and present collide, Gwen and Arka's love
may not survive the forces threatening to destroy their future ...

Buy this amazing book!! Wendy is an amazing author, you won't be disappointed!

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  1. Another wonderful book by Wendy Hales. It captures you from the first sentence and carries you through the end of the book, leaving you wanting more. The characters are capturing, making you feel like you have known them forever;steamy scenes that leave you breathless, and intrigue that has you guessing throughout the story.