Sunday, May 1, 2016

After We Fell Release

**** The Harder I Fall must be read before this book. This story picks up right where it leaves off***** 

You fell in love with Becca and Levi in The Harder I Fall. Follow them on this new journey together. 
The tough parts were supposed to be over now. Or at least that’s what Becca thought. Marrying Levi Klein was supposed to be her happy ending. Little did they know that the toughest year of their life was right around the corner. 
The first year of marriage is hard enough without things beyond their control thrown at them. Can Becca and Levi weather the storm and make it through to happiness on the other side?

All books in the series are on sale!!!
The Harder I Fall:
After We Fell:
The Deeper We Get:

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