Saturday, September 24, 2011

2nd book

As I've been writing the second book in the series, its been interesting to see how different the process has been from the first one. I've been able to delve more into Caroline's life, and her relationship with Jack. I also introduce you to Nikolai and Katya, who were briefly mentioned in the first book. There's also going to be some new characters introduced, and I'm really excited about how they are fitting into the story. I'm on track for this book to be around 25-50 pages longer then the first book, which is great since the feedback I've gotten so far is that people wish Marked was longer.

I'm toying with the idea of doing a novella concentrating on William's past from leaving Boston to when he came back in present time. I've already written a few chapters of it, and I like where its going. It will give my readers a chance to see where William has been, and what he's gone through. I'm not sure when I would be releasing that, if it would be between the first and second, or the second and third.

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