Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mommy but Still Me by Mohana Rajakumar

 Indie writers would not survive without bloggers. Pure and simple. You all do what we wouldn't be able to otherwise: help get the word out to readers about our books.
I wrote this book as I wrestled with the idea of becoming a mother my way. I started a firm conviction that I would not disappear into a creature with applesauce in her hair, unable to sustain a conversation about anything other than sleeping schedules and teething remedies. And I ended--- well you'll have to read the book! For those starting the journey, I hope you know you're not alone in the worries and dreams that plague you while contemplating the biggest change of your life. And for those who are second, third, or multiple timers, hope you find aspects of my story that resonate with your own. If these ancedotes, or don't, drop me a note and tell me why.

Imagine a man volunteering to trade in his game nights for heart burn and back ache. Good thing there are women around to ensure the survival of the species. This hilarious look at the journey from high heels to high blood pressure, as a jet setter turns into a bed wetter, is what your doctor won't tell you and your own mother may have forgotten in the years since she was blessed by your arrival.

At our first meeting my future father-in-law waited until we sat down in the Thai restaurant, the oblong menus placed in our hands and the waiter was a distance away, tending to other diners, before turning towards me, his eyes glowing. This was the first time we were all seeing each other after his son had proposed to me. "When will I get to hold my first grandchild?" 

For my father-in-law and everyone else, I have a question of my own: When will any of you be satisfied?

I'll also be doing a giveaway for Mohana's book!!

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  1. Sounds interesting! Hope I win! :) - Christine B