Saturday, August 4, 2012

Trying to find a balance

I've been busy lately...when I say busy, I mean I've been doing 20 things at a time. I started my event business a few months ago, and it has taken off. I am so humbled by the response I have gotten. The author's I have worked with have all been so amazing, I'm really excited about this chapter in my life. Not everyone gets to do something that they truly love for a living, I have been blessed to find a few things that I love to do, and I'm actually able to do them!

I'm trying to fit in writing where I can...for instance, after this post, I will most likely write. I squeeze it in wherever I can lol. I'm still totally pushing for an October release for Chasing the Witch, it all depends on how extensive my edits will be lol. I'm plugging right along on my short story for the anthology I'm in. I love it so far, it's taking place right before Love and Blood, my current WIP. I'm hoping to put that one out soon after the anthology!

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