Friday, June 7, 2013

Influential Magic by Deanna Chase

It’s tough being a faery in New Orleans, a city fraught with vampires… especially when their very existence drains your life-force.

Willow Rhoswen, owner of The Fated Cupcake and part-time vampire hunter for the Void is having a rough week. Four years after her twin brother’s mysterious death, Willow’s life is threatened and the director saddles her with a new partner—her ex-boyfriend, David. To her horror, he’s turned vamp, which causes her physical pain whenever she touches him… and any other specimen of the undead.

In order to save Willow’s life, David agrees to turn double agent against the most powerful vampire organization in New Orleans. Or so he says. And she’s convinced they know something about her brother’s death. Unsure where David’s loyalties lie, she turns to Talisen, her childhood crush, to help her solve the mystery.

Caught between two gorgeous men and a director who’ll stop at nothing to control Willow’s gifts, she’ll have to follow her instincts and learn who to trust. Otherwise, she risks losing more than just her life.


My review:

This was such an unexpected book. I seriously went into thinking I was not going to like it as much as I did. There are so many UF books out there, so its hard to find something new and fresh. Deanna Chase has done just that, she has put her own spin on it and woven a story that is just amazing.

I loved Willow right away, and I love it when I can connect with a MC right away like that. I had a love hate relationship with David lol, I never really knew if I could fully trust him. Talisen....le sigh, he is yummy and I adored him.

I am totally looking forward to the next book in this series. Deanna Chase kept me guessing all the way through the book! I seriously stayed up way too late reading this book, I literally could not stop reading it. 5 stars!

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