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M.R. Ferguson Interview and Praefortis Cover Pre-Order


Praefortis - MichelleThe Praefortis by M.R. Ferguson

Zoe Masterson always felt like an outsider. She’s different from everyone else in her rural West Virginia town: destruction and mayhem follow her around like a rabid dog. After a mysterious fire leads to a death, Zoe ends up in what looks like a mental hospital—but is it?

At Weston State Hospital, she discovers that the world as she knows it is an illusion. So much more exists beneath the surface of life: races of people, Guardians, Assassins. . .and the one person she is destined to love forever, all caught up in a battle for control of this hidden world that could cost her the people she loves most.

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Here is my interview with M.R. Fergusson.

I have the pleasure of interviewing an awesome person today!! Hope you enjoy :)

1. Can you tell us a little about what The Praefortis is about? It's the story of Zoe Masterson. She always knew she was different, but just how much she could never guess. After she is blamed for a fire and murder she is apprehended and taken to Weston State Hospital. The hospital has it's own secrets and she becomes entangled in politics, and a world she never knew existed2. If you could switch places with any character from a book for a day who would it be and why? I can't really choose one, but I always love strong female characters. I don't like the damsel in distress kind of gal. Right now I would pick Claire from The Outlander books. I'm re-reading them. She's spunky, knows herself, and who doesn't envy the fact that she has a hot Scot in a kilt?3. Favorite writing snack? There is always Pepsi around, but as far as food I don't eat while I write. I get zoned in.4. What is something people would find surprising to learn about you? Surprising? I don't know. I pretty much wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm very blunt and any emotion I have always shows on my face. So I guess I'm a open book. I do love to cook and any chance I get I have people over. That must come from my grandma in WV. She is one of those Southern gals where the instant you stepped in her door she was feeding you. People that follow me on Facebook probably know this, but I have a soft spot for whales; particularly Orca. I plan to jump in the ocean with a pod of them one day. I couldn't imagine a world without my animals in it. Three dogs, a cat, and a Cockatoo keep me pretty busy in the cuddling department. And this is well known, but Halloween is the only holiday that matters to me. 5. What is coming up next for you? I am finishing up my Rise of the Phoenix series. It will be two books released close together. Blurb: The US has government has initiated nuclear war against its own people. In the chaotic aftermath survivors are told it was for their own good; a way to eradicate the weak and the evil, to strengthen society. One of the survivors never believed the excuses, but Phoenix could never have imagined exactly how misleading their propaganda truly was. Finding herself mutating after the fallout and having an insatiable thirst for human blood she forces exile on herself.When a handsome stranger enters her life, his true identity and knowledge of classified secrets will cause Phoenix to fight to save human survivors, unite mutated humans, and save the Presidents life. 

Add to your TBR list on Goodreads   About M.R. Fergusonmichelle M. R. Ferguson has a passion for the paranormal that influences her writing and photography. Believing that anything can be possible gives her a sense of adventure, pushing her stories to a place her readers dare not venture on their own. "Dare to believe" is her motto, which stands to reason as she lives in a haunted house with her three dogs, cat and cockatoo. Wishing that fall would last all year, she plans for football season, Halloween and cooler temperatures as soon as June hits.

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