Monday, December 5, 2011

I have my guest post on this week, I'm so excited for it. I'm just about finished writing it, it was a little nerve wracking for me lol. It's been so hard to be productive, the last 7 days have been awful. First I was sick, now my little guys is, and my husband is away on business, so I've been dealing with it alone. I have such a respect for single parent's and military wives now. It's only been a week, and I want to die lol. The only nice part of him being sick is that he wants to be cuddly with me.

I want to be done with editing and re editing, the writing is definitely the easy part. I've got a few more passes before I'll be ready to send it to the editor I think. One of my friends is looking over it now, and I think tomorrow she'll be done so I can start correcting. Hopefully I'll still have hair, and sanity by the time everything is finished.

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