Thursday, December 1, 2011

Big things are happening, I think I may have found an editor I like. Based on the sample she did for me, I'm very happy. Now, I just need to wait for me beta readers to finish and give me their feedback. I also saw a bit of what the new cover is going to look like. It looked so good, very cute and fun.

I recently joined a writer's group on facebook called H.P.'s Online Writer's club. I have met so many amazing author's on there in the few weeks since I've joined. I really feel like they've made me a better author, reading their work has helped me with mine. Plus, they're all super helpful. Liz Shulte helped me rewrite my blurb last night, it ended up being amazing. I had hated my first one since I wrote it, every time I saw it I cringed lol. I really think it's going to help with sales, it's more intriguing then the first one.

This has been a way gushy post, but I'm super excited about everything that's coming up. My guest post on is going to be on the 10th. I've been working a lot on it, so hopefully it will be ready by the 6th. I'm hoping to get some pictures taken a few days before the 6th so I can have my press packet all ready. I feel like a grown up getting all this stuff together lol.

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