Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I was very productive today, I went grocery shopping, and I did some hair. Now, the little monster is asleep, and the house is blissfully quiet. I'm maybe, probably, possibly, going to do some writing, I think I may be in a funk. I've been focusing so much of my mental energy on getting Marked rewritten, and edited, and now possibly get picked up by a publisher. I don't know if I have any excess brain power to devote to the new book lol. What I will say though, is that I love the story so far. The characters are kind of awesome if I do say so myself(nothing like a little shameful back patting)
The one positive side of not writing so much is that I've been reading a lot. I find that its really hard to read while I'm writing my books. I'm always so afraid of somehow adding something from what I'm reading into my book, so I just don't read. There are so many books that I have on my to read list, I may never actually write anything lol.

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