Thursday, March 8, 2012

Finally writing again!

I've been doing a lot of hosting and reviewing lately which has been so much fun. After I finished Mark of the Witch, I kind of needed a brain vacation or I may have gone insane. Last night and today, I read through what I had of book 2, which was a lot, and made a lot of revisions as I went along. I'm finished with the revisions, and I'm now on to writing new stuff. I'm currently at 57k, which is 5k over Mark of the Witch, and I'm nowhere near done. I'm not entirely sure if I'll stop soon, and leave a lot for the next book, or continue on with this momentum. I'm leaning towards continuing for now, and kind of seeing where the story takes me.

I felt like book 2 needed a name change, book 1 got a fancy new name, so why not book 2? With some help from the lovely and Talented Stephanie Nelson, author of the Gwen Sparks series, I decided on Chasing the Witch. It totally fits with the book, and the series. I also changed the name of the novella to Witches in Paris, it was a hard decision, because I loved the previous title From Paris with Hate. But, I wanted there to be continuity between the books, and I didn't want people to be confused.

I'm now starting to think about cover ideas for book 2 lol. Book one hasn't even been published yet, but my brain won't leave me alone about cover ideas. I'm way too excited about it for my own good lol.

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