Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Forget Me Not

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Forget Me Not Blog Tour
Book Excerpt #4

“This is wrong, Mason, so very wrong. What’s the point of being able to have hidden
stashes if you don’t keep them? How am I supposed to come in and sneak things? Not even a
chocolate bar.” I gave one last inspection, before returning everything to how it was.
“If you were looking for chocolate, why didn’t you say so? I keep all the good stuff in the
closet, shoved at the back of the top shelf. Everyone knows that’s where you keep them,” he
drawled, still in his lazy stance. “But as Alpha, I’m going to have to put your being nosey on
hold. I didn’t bring you here just so I could watch you snoop. I have something else in mind.”
“You do, huh? Is it fun?” I baited, pretending I didn’t know exactly what he meant. I licked
my lips, and ran my fingers through my hair.
“I’m positive. Now come over here so I can kiss you.” It was nothing short of a seductive
order, and it sent a thrill through my body. I loved it when Mason’s voice took on a dominating
tone, but even though I wanted nothing more than to cross the room and do as he’d asked, I
wanted to playing—stretch out the anticipation.
“Hmmm, I don’t think so. I kind of like it over here.” I headed to the window again, and
casually brushed the curtain aside. Mason was silent, and I smiled to myself. “Besides, I’m not
sure I want to kiss you.”
“I’m going to count, sweetheart, and when I reach three I better have you in my arms.” The
threat caressed my senses, and I resisted the urge to give in. This side of Mason always thrilled
Resting against the ledge, I mimicked his stance, crossing my arms and ankles. “We’ll see.”
I feigned a yawn, and grinned. “What comes next?”
He cocked his eyebrow, a smug smile crossing his face. “Two.”
“I think you should come over here.” I smiled sweetly, patting the space beside me. “In fact,
I know so.”
“You do know I’m serious, Darcy. I don’t see you moving. Once I say the next number, I’ll
be taking action.”
I laughed loudly. “You got it wrong. Three. You were meant to say three.” Lifting my hand,
I showed him my fingers, slowing counting them. “See, first comes one, and then two. Three is
next. Say it, Mason. Say three.” I straightened slowly, and placed my hand on my hip. I could see
him trying to hide his grin, as he looked me up and down. “Should I do it for you?” I raised my
eyebrow, enjoying the way he was watching me.
I didn’t need to. He stalked across the room, pulling me to his body, and crushed his lips
against mine. The roughness—intensity—of the kiss robbed me of breath. Any thought of
prolonging, or playing, was lost as I sunk against him, and felt myself softening.
I knew when the kiss was over, my lips would be bruised, but it didn’t stop me from parting
them and granting him access. My tongue met his half way, eager to move against his and to
savor the moment.

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