Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kim Nathan interview

Hey guys, we're joined by author Kim Nathan today, and she's been kind enough to answer some questions for us.

1. Tell us about Cara, where did she come from?

Cara is someone who did everything right; the college degree, lucrative career, marriage to a
Hopkins grad, a good daughter to her parents. But she’s left feeling that it’s not enough. Not
wanting to rock the boat, she puts her feelings on the backburner until something happens to
shake her out of it. She yearns for something more, but she’s afraid to go for it. Luckily she gets
some divine help to give her the courage. Dreaming Montana is about having a vision of another
life and gaining the courage to let go of the past in order to pursue it. Divine guidance is always offered along the way, if you choose to see it.

2. Where did the idea for Dreaming Montana come from?

I first visited Seattle at the same time that Cara does. Her impressions of the city are my
impressions. I fell in love with the city, but then I went back to Baltimore over the winter
of ‘93/’94. I wrote the original draft of Dreaming Montana while I was waiting to move to Seattle, which I did in the spring of 1994. In retrospect, the novel was like a positive affirmation to help get me back to Seattle. I sent Cara there ahead of me.

3. What is your favorite genre to read when you have spare time?

I love historical fiction. Modern life can be so fast-paced, so it’s a nice escape to be transported to another time and place. Reading historical fiction when I was a teenager helped to inspire me to be a writer.

4. How did you get started writing?

I’ve been scribbling notes and stories down in spiral notebooks since I was twelve. My family
moved into a new neighborhood then. Down the street, out of context with the rest of the
neighborhood, there was an historic mansion sitting on a few acres. The place inspired me
to write stories. I used that mansion as the inspiration for Waverly in my first novel, Sterling
Redmond. The stories and characters just come to me and expect me to tell their story. I don’t
know where it comes from, but I like it.

5. What is something people would find surprising to find out about you?

I am really very shy. But I’ve had enough practice putting myself out there so I do it anyway,
even when it feels hard. Most people find me quite sociable. I enjoy people, and I’m interested
in their stories. I’d rather hear about someone else’s life than tell someone about my own.

6. What’s next for you?

I could go either way with writing a sequel to Sterling Redmond or doing another contemporary
piece set in the Pacific Northwest. I already have my spiral notebooks for each, so I jot down
ideas as they come to me. Right now, I am leaning toward the sequel, but we’ll see which way it
goes over the next month.

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